Workout Imported Into KDE Repository

The Workout source code is now available for you to checkout and build from the KDE subversion repository. Like all new projects it has for now been imported into KDE's playground. It will soon move to KDE review and then, if the review goes well, to KDE extragear.

Until then, get it from here:

$ svn co svn://

Do not forget to set HAVE_KDE to 1 in your cmake command line when building the KDE version.

Workout on Windows

Over the last couple of days I've been experimenting with getting Workout to work on Windows. With the help of some tricks borrowed from the Marble and Quassel teams (and even, *blush*, lifting a few lines of code from the Quassel sources), I got it to work.

It's not 100% done (configuration does not yet work and neither does hardware discovery, which will require some extra effort on Windows due to the absence of Solid), but it's running and mostly working:

Workout: Integrated Map View

Playing around a bit with MarbleWidget and MarbleModel and fixing a few bugs in Workout's (Workout is an activity and sports tracking application I am currently working on) KML exporter to make the interface actually work got me this:

A Name Is A Name

As a followup to my post on finding a name for the until then unnamed sports and activity tracking application I have been writing I'd like to thank all commenters on the blog entry for their valuable input, their ideas and suggestions and of course for their kind words. It sure has been uplifting to read so much enthusiastic posts in response to an application that has not even been released yet.

Sports Activity Tracking App: The Baby Needs a Name

While you were all not looking I wrote a new app.

This one's an activity and sports tracking application similar to the .NET-behemoth Sport Tracks or Garmin Training Center.

It's not a hundred percent complete yet and has its share of rough edges, but to give you an impression of what works already, let's see some screenshots: